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Hello there!
My name is Janika and I'm freshly graduated graphic designer. I'm currently located in Finland, Oulu.
I'm also a self-taught illustrator and character designer. My strengths are graphic design and Adobe software but I can adapt to use other software as well.  I enjoy designing logos, vector art, interfaces and painting digitally. My drawing skills cover various styles and I can easily pick up new ones if needed. 

As a person I'm a very good listener and problem solver. I'm not afraid to try something new to me because I challenge myself all the time in my personal work. I have a vast imagination and painting illustrations is my way to express myself. I also enjoy painting characters from my favorite games and movies. I love fantasy and painting is my passion so I spent most of my free time either playing videogames or improving my digital painting skills.

Contact me: jan.pes(a)

Socials: Linktree
Blog: link

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